Track work progress with project metrics

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Access the project metrics charts
  • Customize the information in the charts
You can track the progress of your project with project metrics. Click on the Metrics tab in the left panel of your project. You may have to scroll down and click show more to find it. At the top is the KPI area or key performance indicators. You can see that this project has 11 completed tasks seven incomplete and one overdue task. Click on any of the indicators to see the tasks in it. In this chart you can see all the task or all the issues grouped by either status or priority. Select what you’re most interested in seeing. Hover over the columns to see the quantity of tasks or issues in each status or priority. This chart shows the ratio of complete to incomplete for either task or issues. Finally, you can see the number of tasks by assigning based on being complete incomplete, upcoming, or overdue. Select what you prefer to see for any of these metrics and they will display that way The next time you come to the metrics page. If you want to export the metrics page as a page file, click on the export button in the upper right side of the screen.