Create an issue status

Workfront recommends you modify existing issue statues in your system before you start creating new statuses. This helps limit the number of statuses that need to be maintained.

  1. Click Setup in the Main Menu.
  2. Expand the Project Preferences section in the left menu panel.
  3. Select Statuses.
  4. Select the Issues tab.
  5. Make sure the field in the upper-right is set to System Statuses. This ensures the new status is available globally across your Workfront instance.
  6. Select **Master List ** to see all issue statuses. This is where you create or modify a status.
  7. Click Add a New Status.
  8. Complete the fields as needed for your organization — name, description, color, equates with, key, etc.
  9. Check the boxes for the type of issue this status can be used with.
  10. Click Save.

New status window on Statuses page

Issue statuses and group administrators

Group administrators can create and customize issue statuses for the groups they manage. This provides some autonomy for their group, providing them with the statuses they need to keep work moving. It also eliminates the need for a long list of system-wide statuses.

Group administrators can edit existing statuses if the system administrator has configured them to allow customization.

System administrators can manage statuses for groups by selecting the group name in the upper-right corner of the Statuses window.

Group list menu on Statuses page

Group administrators can click into the Groups section in the Setup area, open their group by clicking the name, and then selecting Statuses in the left panel menu. Be sure to select the Issues tab.

Statuses section of Group page