Workfront Goals Overview

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Goal list
  • Navigate Graphs
  • Navigate Goal Alignment
This is the goal list. You can filter here to see personal, team, group, or company goals.
In here, you can see the goal name, owner, period, status, condition, and the progress.
If you click on a goal, you can open it to see the goal details.
In this case, it’s pretty much the same as we saw on the goal list, except you can also see parent goal information and you can edit these things.
You can also see progress indicators, results, activities, and projects that are associated with this goal.
And you can see updates made on this goal.
This is the same way you’d see them as with any other update on objects in Workfront.
Going back to the main goals page, you can click on Graphs.
And here, you can see goals grouped by period.
And showing progress for the goal, and also reverse burn down chart, and you can filter on this as well.
If you click on Goal Alignment, you can see goals that are aligned to other goals. A goal above means it’s a parent goal.
And then if you have an arrow below, it’ll show you aligned goals.
So here’s our goal and the three goals aligned to it.