Manage proof comments

Workfront helps you track and manage work related to each comment on a proof—such as making corrections on the asset—with comment actions or by resolving comments.

Proof actions are a “flag” or “label” on a comment and are often used to indicate an action has been taken or needs to be taken regarding the comment. Actions can be selected from the icon or the More menu on each comment.

An image of a proof in the proofing viewer with the flag icon highlighted on the comment and the available proof actions visibile.

For example, you’re responsible for deciding which of the corrections made during the review process should actually be done. Using an action, you can mark the relevant comments, letting a designer or editor know which revisions to make. That person can then use another action to indicate the changes were made.

An image of a proof in the proofing viewer with the To Do proof action highlighted on the comment.

If you don’t see actions listed on your comments, then your organization hasn’t set them up. Talk with your proofing system administrator if you think actions are something your organization should use.

The “resolve comment” feature is commonly used to indicate a comment has been addressed in some manner—a correction has been made or a question has been answered. Some Workfront customers “resolve” a comment when it’s a correction that doesn’t need to be made or it’s just a comment that has been read.

Resolve the comment by clicking the checkmark icon. This places a green checkmark on the comment, which makes it easy to identify which comments have been reviewed as you scan through the comments column.

An image of a proof in the proofing viewer with the checkmark icon highlighted on the comment.

You can filter the comments column by both of these features, helping you curate what you see as you work with the proof.

An image of the comment filters in the proofing viewer with the Actions and General filtering options highlighted.

Your turn

Don’t forget to remind any co-workers assigned to a proof workflow that you’re working with proofs as part of your Workfront training.
  1. Find a proof that you’ve uploaded in Workfront. Open the proof viewer to look at the comments that have been made and reply to a comment. Close the proof viewer when you’re done.
  2. Use the Updates section—either in the Document Details or the summary panel—to view the latest comments on a proof you’ve uploaded in Workfront. Reply to a comment.