Close a goal once complete

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Close a goal to indicate when the goal is done, or when you are no longer working on it nor plan to do so in the immediate future
You can close a goal because you’ve accomplished it or you can close it because you’ve decided not to do it anymore. Either way, you start by clicking on an active goal.
Then click on the three dot menu and you’ll see the close option.
Before closing you might want to update the progress indicators.
Remember that you can only update the results in the activities here. So the activity in the actual progress column.
We’ll update this result as well.
Now, aligned goals, you’ll have to go to the goal itself to update it.
And then the same thing for projects. You can click here to go right to the project and update the percent complete here if needed.
Now, after you’ve got a hundred percent complete up here in the progress bar, because everything has been completed, you’ll find that the status is still active until you actually close it.
Now, if you’re closing a goal before it’s completed, you might want to add an update explaining the situation.
Now we’ll go ahead and close this.
Now closing a goal does not delete it, you can still find the goal in the goal list.
And the status is closed. You can filter these out, of course, but if you ever want to reopen the goal, you can do that too.