Create reports with charts

In this video, you will learn:

  • How charts can improve the visualization of data
  • How to use Workfront’s chart tools

Activity: Add a chart to a report

The end of the quarter is nearing, and you want to see how recently completed projects stuck to their budgets. Create a report that shows the planned cost vs. the actual cost for projects. You want to see only projects that were completed in the last quarter. Add a combination column chart using custom colors.


  1. Select Reports from the Main Menu.

  2. Click the New Report menu and select Project.

  3. In the Columns (View) tab, click Add Column.

  4. Select Project > Planned Cost and summarize this column by Sum.

  5. Click Add Column again.

  6. Select Project > Actual Cost and summarize this column by Sum.

    An image of the screen to add columns to a report

  7. In the Groupings tab, set the report to group by Project > Name.

    An image of the screen to add groupings to a report

  8. In the Filters tab, add two filter rules:

    • Project > Status Equates With > Complete
    • Project > Actual Completion Date > Last Quarter

    An image of the screen to add filters to a report

  9. In the Chart tab, choose Column for the chart type.

  10. For the Left (Y) Axis, choose Project > Planned Cost.

  11. For the Bottom (X) Axis, choose Project > Name.

  12. Click the Combination Chart button and select Project > Actual Cost in the Value field.

  13. Click the arrow next to the color box to change the Actual Cost color. Select one of the colors that appears or click the box in the lower-right corner to bring up the color palette.

  14. Click on Save + Close. When prompted for a report name, call it “Planned vs Actual Cost by Project Completed Last Quarter.”

    An image of the screen to add a chart to a report