Customize reporting lists with layout templates

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate to the report list settings in a layout template
  • Remove filters, views, and groupings
  • Add filters, views and groupings

Set list defaults

Setting default filters, views, and/or groupings for users gives them quicker access to vital information that can move work forward, faster.

As a system or group administrator, you can determine what users initially see when looking at a list of projects, tasks, issues, etc., by setting a default filter, view, and/or grouping through a layout template.

Layout template Lists window

Although a default filter, view, and/or grouping can be set up, the system is sticky and will show whatever filter, view, and/or grouping was last used by the user.

If you want to set a list default, you can either:

  • Hover your mouse over an option already listed and click Set as default.

Layout template Lists window with Set as default visible

  • Or add a custom filter, view, or grouping and check the box next to Set default.

Add an existing View window

Once done, you’ll see the Default tag.

Default tag next to list option