Add and manage tags for cards

Learn what a tag is and why it’s useful as well as how to create, delete, add, and remove tags.

In this video you’ll learn what a tag is and why you would use one, how to create and delete a tag, and how to add and remove a tag to a card. Tags on work front boards allow you to label a card with a specific term and or color so you can quickly get a better understanding of the work being done. For instance, on this board the columns represent people. This way you can see what and how much is assigned to each member of the team. However, you would also like to know what stage in the process they are with that work, if something is being worked on, is already completed, or perhaps still in the ideation stage. With a tag, you can, through the color square, quickly see just that, or, if desired, you can filter the board to only see cards with that tag or tags you’ve selected. Either way, it’s a quick and easy way to see what’s going on. To create tags for your board, click on the more menu next to the board name. Select Tag Manager. This will bring up the Edit Tags box where you can either create, edit, or delete tags. Click the Create tab button. Enter the name of the tag into the highlighted box. Select a color to represent that tag. Click the Save icon, and click Done to close the Edit Tags box and return to the board. The tag is now available and can be added to any card on the board. You can have as many tags as needed in order to categorize and organize work for teams and your processes. If you find you don’t need a tag anymore, you can delete it from the board. Click the more menu next to the board name, and select the Tag Manager. This will bring up the Edit Tags box and show the tags currently on the board. Click the Delete icon next to the tag name to remove it from the list and the board. When done, click Done. You can add one or multiple tags to a card. To do that, click the more menu on the card and select Edit. Click the drop down arrow in the Tags field in the Card Details screen. Click on the name of the tag or tags you want added to the card. A check mark appears next to the tag name, meaning it has been added to the card. When done, click Close to get back to the board. On the card you’ll see a colored square letting you know the tag or tags have been added. A tag can be removed at any point if you find it’s no longer useful or applies to the card. To remove a tag, click the more menu on the card and select Edit. Click the X next to the tag, then click Close to save and exit the card details. Tags are a great way to gain insight into the work being done by yourself and other team members. It can easily be used to enhance your processes and workflows.