Learn the benefits of proofing

In this video, you will learn:

  • What is proofing?
  • Benefits of using digital proofing in Workfront

Proofing terminology

Before you dive into proof setups in Workfront, get familiar with the proof-specific terminology used. You’ll see these terms used frequently throughout this tutorial.

  • Proof — Digital version of a file that can be reviewed, marked up, and approved through Workfront’s proof viewer.
  • Proof workflow — Process of creating, routing, and managing a proof within Workfront. The steps that are followed to complete these actions.
  • Proof template or automated workflow template — Preformatted workflow steps that can be applied quickly to a proof. Include reviewers, approvers, proof roles, email alerts, and deadlines.
  • Proof role — Defines what a user can do with a proof (e.g., comment, markup, approve, etc.)
  • Email alert — Notification when there’s activity on the proof.
  • Proof user — Someone with a Workfront Plan or Work license who can upload, review, approve, manage, etc., digital proofs.