Create a milestone path and milestone steps

In this video, you will learn:

  • What milestone paths are
  • How milestone paths are created
  • How to add milestone steps to a milestone path
Creating milestones. In this video, you’ll learn what milestone paths are, how milestone paths are created, and how to add milestone steps to a milestone path. The official definition of a milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Within Workfront, milestone paths are key tasks within a project that might be noteworthy or need special attention. They could be tasks such as the end of phase tasks, completion of important deliverables, or a point of important decisions. Now, a milestone path within Workfront is a linear path of milestones steps. You’ll also be able to use milestones as a high level view of how projects are progressing. It’ll also be used in a way that you’re able to compare similar or like projects. There are several steps in creating and using milestones within work front. The first step is to create the milestone path in the setup area. This is done by your system administrators. Step number two is to attach the milestone path that was created by the System Administrator to a specific project. This is usually done by the Project Manager. Step number three is to assign the milestone steps to the tasks within the project. And step number four is to utilize the milestone path as a way to view and report on the status of your projects. Let’s begin with step one. Creating the milestone path in the setup area. Now remember, this is done by your System Administrators. If you are a Project Manager that needs a specific milestone path created, make sure to engage those System Administrators and have them create those paths for you. The first step is to navigate to the setup area. From the setup area, you will select processes in the left column. From here, you’ll go ahead and select milestone paths. This directs you to the milestone paths page within the setup area. As you can see here, we have three milestone paths that have previously been created. To create a new milestone path, you would simply click on the new milestone path button. This displays the new milestone path dialogue box. Of course, the first thing we want to do is to name our milestone path. We are then able to enter a description in the description field. Beneath the description box is the Groups area. This is where you can select which groups will be able to use the milestone path that’s being created. In this case, you can see that training is selected. The training group is the only group that is able to use this milestone path. To add additional groups, simply click in the box next to the group to add the check mark. Just underneath the groups area is where you’re going to create the actual milestone steps. You can see there are three fields under milestones. The first one is name, the second is description, and the third is a color field. For this milestone path, we’re going to create four milestone steps. The first one we’ll call initiation.
We will place a description in the description field of define nature and scope of project. From the color field, we’re able to click in the field, and through the color bar, select what color we would like this milestone to be. In this case, I’m going to leave it at purple. To add the second milestone step we’ll simply click add milestone. From here again, we will name the milestone, add a description, and select a color.
And we can now move on to creating milestone step number three.
I will again click on add milestone. Milestone step number three, we will call executing. To add our fourth and last milestone step, I will click add milestone one final time. We will name this milestone step closing with the description of formal acceptance of the project, and we’ve now created our milestone path consisting of four milestone steps with the name of initiation, planning, executing and closing. We have also entered descriptions for each of our milestone steps as well as colors for the milestone step tiles. In this case, I have named my milestone path. I could put a description in the description field and I’ve selected which groups will be able to use this milestone path. I then created four milestone steps and I will now click on the button in the bottom left of the screen called Create Milestone Path. As you can see, this creates the milestone path as it is now listed in the list of milestone paths in our setup area. -
System administrators can give Plan license users the access to create their own milestone paths.