Update and copy plans

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Update a plan in Scenario Planner
  • Copy plans in the Scenario Planner
In this video we will learn how to copy and compare scenarios.
While planning your company’s strategy moving forward, there are a lot of uncertainties involving available resources and budgets. It takes time and experimentation to arrive at a final estimate which your stakeholders will want to move forward with. For this purpose, you can conduct a what if analysis to simulate different scenarios of your plan and to accurately evaluate and predict the impact of potential circumstances and ultimately choose the best plan to proceed with.
Creating multiple scenarios for the same plan achieves this specific need. A scenario is a copy of a plan. You can create as many scenarios as you need to. However, we recommend that you keep this number to a minimum so you can easily compare them and manage the delivery of your plans. The first plan you create is automatically saved as the initial scenario. To copy a plan, click the down pointing arrow next to an existing scenario. Hover over the name of the scenario then click the copy icon to create a new scenario. The new scenario is created with the same information as the copied scenario. It is automatically named scenario two. If it’s the second scenario in your plan or scenario three if it’s the third one you create and so on. At this time you are unable to rename your scenarios.
Update your scenario with all or some of the following information, create, update or delete initiatives. Pro tip. When you delete an initiative in a scenario it is removed only in the selected scenario and not from all of the scenarios. Update the priorities of your initiatives.
Adjust people or budget information.
Review and adjust conflicts in your scenario. Click save plan to save your changes.
After creating your scenarios, you can compare them to find the best one for your organization. Go to the plan for which you want to compare scenarios. Click compare scenarios. All existing scenarios display in a card format. The initial scenario is always listed first and is static. Click add description in a scenario card to update description of that scenario. The description should include information about what makes that scenario unique. Scroll to the right to view all scenario cards. Click the name of a scenario to access it and make changes to it. Click the more menu to copy or delete a scenario. Pro tip. Deleted scenarios cannot be recovered. And finally, click save plan to save your scenarios within your plan. -