Core concepts

In this video, you will learn:

  • Three core concepts that make up Workfront Fusion: scenarios, apps, and modules
Let’s start by covering three core concepts important to understanding terminology in the fusion tool. A scenario is a series of steps designed and executed in order to move and manipulate data. Essentially, it’s our automated workflow from start to finish and the steps in between. An app, most commonly represented as a connector to a software application, can be things such as Workfront, Salesforce, or Google Sheets. But an app can also represent special functions that manipulate data such as an iterator or an aggregator. A module is a single step within a scenario that performs some function based upon the associated app. For instance, in the Workfront app, there’s create, update, delete, or search for a specific type of record within the Workfront system that you’re connecting to. -

Core concepts terminology

Scenario—A scenario consists of a series of steps (modules) that indicate how data should be transferred and transformed between apps/services.

App—An app most commonly represents a connector to a software application but can also represent special functions that manipulate data.

Module—A single step within a scenario that performs some function based upon the associated app.

Does Workfront Fusion have pre-built connectors to…?

Many Workfront Fusion users reach a point where they’re thinking about all the systems they use and eventually ask, “Does Workfront Fusion have connectors to ____ software?” (Fill in the blank for the systems that you use.)

The simplest way to determine if Workfront Fusion has a pre-built connector is to use the Add app feature and search for an app by name. You can also check the Apps and their modules article on Experience League for a list of applications Workfront Fusion can connect with.

Connectors aren’t limited only to the apps in this article. If the app you want to work with doesn’t have a pre-built connector, you can use these modules to connect directly to the web service:

  • HTTP modules
  • SOAP module
  • JSON modules

Don’t worry about digging too deep into those modules just yet—training is available in other Workfront Fusion tutorials. Even though there is a little more coding involved with these modules than with a pre-built connector, the hardest part of authenticating to your other systems is easily handled with these modules.