Attach a custom form to an object

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Attach a custom form to an object
  • Add custom fields to your reports
Using a custom form. In this video, you’ll learn how to attach a custom form to an object and add custom fields to your reports. Once you’ve created a custom form, you’ll want to attach it to a project. To do that, we’re going to come out of the setup area and click in the projects area. From the projects area, we’re going to select a project, in this case, Western Regional Fall Storefront Signage. Once on the project landing page, you’ll click Project Details, and here we can add custom forms. You can see that there is already a custom form on this project called Direct Mail Project Information, but that’s okay. We can add multiple custom forms to an object. To add the custom form we just created, we’ll click in the drop down and select Video Marketing Information. The screen will flash very briefly as it adds the new custom form. We see our custom form Video Marketing Information. If we wanted to fill any of this information out, we could click and we could begin filling our custom form out. Another feature of custom forms is that any of the fields that we create become reportable. What that means is you can run reports on any of the fields that have been created. You can also, in the projects area, create a new project view as I’ve done here called Video View, where you can see I’ve added two columns, a Video Format column, and a Social Media Release Date column. What this means for us is that any of these projects that have our custom form attached will display any of the information on this view in those two columns when details have been added to those fields on the custom form. In this class, we showed you how to create a custom form. We showed you how to share the custom form. We also showed you how to attach the custom form to a project and how you can report on those custom form fields. Thank you for your time.