Report on issues

Learn how to centralize issues by creating a report.

Centralize issues by creating a report

Many traffic and project managers create a Workfront custom report to centralize all incoming issues. This makes it easy to track what’s new and needs attention.

The report can then be added to a dashboard, putting everything you need to do your work in one Workfront window.

An image of the Resolving Object column of an issue report.

To display the name of the task or project the issue was converted to, include the “Resolving Object” column in the view. A “Resolving Object” is the task or project created when you convert an issue. If an issue has not been converted the Resolving Object field will be blank. This report quickly lets you see which issues have already been converted, so you don’t end up with duplicates. Just click the resolving object name to open it so you can track progress on the work being done.

Show original issue information in reports

When an issue is converted into a project or task many of the original issue details can be reported on in project or task reports. The original issue is refferred to as the “Converted Issue”.

A project or task report can display this information using the Converted Issue Originator object along with two dedicated fields. These columns can be added to a custom view without the need for text mode:

  • Converted Issue Entry Date
  • Converted Issue Name
  • Converted Issue Originator > Name

An image of issue reporting information.