Share a project template

You will learn how to:

  • Share a template with other users
  • Share projects created using a template
Sharing a Template. In this video, you’ll learn how to share a template with other users and how to share projects based on a certain template with other users. Let’s get started.
The first thing is, when you are looking at a template landing page, you have the ability just like you would with any other object in Workfront, share the template. That’s what template sharing is. We’ll go ahead and click on that, and you’ll see that Joan is the only one that can see this template. And anytime you create something in Workfront, you are the owner of that and you’re the only one that can see it. So if Joan wants to share this with David White, she’ll go ahead and she’ll type in his name, she’ll find the art director, and she’ll go ahead and save this with him. And then she can determine his, really, permission level if she wants him to be able to just view it or manage it. We’ll go ahead and just leave it on View for now. But you’ll see that with sharing, just like with any other object, you can add people or share it with teams, a certain job role, groups or companies, really any of the organizational units within Workfront. We’ll go ahead and save. And now as soon as we saved it, David now has access to this particular template. Now a really cool feature here, you’ll see that we had another option to do project sharing. So when I click on this, you’ll see that we have a list of people that have access granted to projects after they’re created using this template.
So let me say that a different way. Basically, from here on out, as I maybe add the creative team to this list, once I start creating a project from a template and we are doing project sharing from the template, everyone on this list will now have access to those projects based on this template. What’s nice about this is that you don’t have to go into every single project and make sure they’re being shared by every person that you need every time it’s being produced. So in this case, it’s a great and simple way to make sure that the projects that are being created from the template are shared with the right people every time. We’ll go ahead and save that change, and now as I go in perhaps to my projects area, and I go and I try and create a new project, from this new marketing video production template, let’s say we wanted to do a user conference teaser video, and we’ll go ahead and change some of the settings here. When I kick off this project now, if I were to check to see who has access to this project from the get go, I’ll go to Sharing, and you’ll see, here is that same list that I had in the project sharing option within the template. So we set these up by default in our templates, and that way we don’t have to manage this every time we produce a video. Pretty cool. We’ll go ahead and save this, and that’s how you’re going to share templates. -