Understand data stores

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to use data stores as a persistent data set
  • How data structures support a data store
  • How to synchronize systems using a data store
A data store is the perfect tool for storing data from scenarios or transferring data between individual scenarios or scenario runs. You can use a data store to store new data from various systems during synchronization. A data store is similar to a database or simple tables used in the legacy Fusion tool. The data store modules enable you to add, replace, update, retrieve, delete, search, or even count records in your Fusion Data Store. It’s important to note that data stores should not be used for data warehousing or reporting use cases. To create a data store, you utilize a data structure, which you learned about in the last course. Data structures used for data stores make up the list of the columns for a table, indicating the column name and the data type. Each instance of Fusion will be provisioned a max storage space of 500 megabytes for all data stores. Whenever creating a new data store, you’ll see the max amount of space available in this field. Generally, one to two megabytes will be more than enough for your data stores, and you should change to that amount when using a data store module. -