Find and create layout templates

In this video, you will learn:

  • Find layout templates in the Setup area
  • Start creating layout templates in Workfront.
Hey, everyone. In this video, we’re going to show you how to find a layout template in the Setup area, and how to create a layout template in Workfront.
So to find a layout template in Workfront, what we’re going to do is go to the main menu here on the top right.
Go to Setup.
And here’s where the Setup area is and you’ll see the list over here on the left-hand side. You’re going to scroll down till you get to the interface section.
And once you click Interface, you’ll see in the submenu an option for Layout Templates. Now, just as a side note, when you click on this, you may see a list of layout templates already created. I would recommend taking a look at what’s there and who they’re assigned to before creating more layout templates in the system because you may already have what you need. But if there aren’t any there, or if you don’t find what you need, then go ahead and create a new layout template by clicking that button here that says New Layout Template. And once you’re taken to the creation screen, you simply need to do one thing in order to save a template. You need to give it a name. So here on the top left where it says Layout template name, I’m going to call this the Marketing Content Team Layout.
Now, one more thing, I usually do like to add a description. Here’s why. With the combination of the title and the description, not only does it help you and other admins, but those who can manage layout templates know who the layout template was built for and potentially why it was built. So I’m going to add just a short description here.
Okay, now we just click away.
At this point, we can hit the Create button down here at the bottom left.
And that’s it. We now have a layout template created within Workfront. -