Create a matrix report

In this video, you will learn:

  • When a matrix report can be useful
  • And how to create a matrix report

Activity: Create a matrix report

Create a matrix report that shows how many requests there are in each status, sorted by request queue. This gives you a quick snapshot of the amount of work coming in and how well you’re keeping up with it.

You want the request queues to appear on the row groupings. Status appears as the column groupings. Name your report “Requests by Status and Request Queue.”


  1. Select Reports from the Main Menu.

  2. Click the New Report option and select Issue.

  3. Go to the Groupings tab and click Switch to Matrix Grouping.

  4. For Row Groupings, select Project > Name.

  5. For Column Grouping, select Issue > Status.

    An image of the screen to create a new issue report grouping

  6. Go to the Filters tab.

  7. To make sure you see only requests in active request queues, add the following filter rules:

    • Project > Status Equates With > Equal > Current
    • Queue Definition > Is Public > Not Equal > None (this is how we know a project is actually a request queue, by the Queue Definition being assigned to one of the public options.)
  8. Click on Save + Close. When prompted for a report name, type in “Requests by Status and Request Queue.”

    An image of the screen to create a new issue report filter