Install the Microsoft Outlook add-in

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Install the Microsoft Outlook Add-in
Setting up your Outlook Integration with Workfront can be quick and easy if you have everything you need. Finding out if you have everything you need may not be quite as quick and easy, but this is the right place to start. If you’re using a web version of Outlook, simply open an email.
Click on the More Actions bar on the right, that’s those three little dots. Go to get add-ins and search for Workfront.
If it appears and has an add button, go ahead and click it.
This little disclaimer will show up. Click continue.
And you can dismiss these next two light boxes. Now you can see the Workfront logo and it will also appear in your more actions list.
If you’re using the desktop version of Outlook, go ahead and open it. Go to the store, which is the icon that says get add-ins.
Once you’re there, you can search for Workfront.
Click add, then click Continue.
Now, once it loads, you should see the Workfront icon in the toolbar where you can click on it to use the add-in. If you’re not able to follow these instructions, you may need to ask your IT team to enable certain options or assist you by installing the Outlook add-in. In some organizations, installing add-ins is not allowed. Thank you for following the steps in this video. Enjoy using the add-in for Outlook.
If you can’t find the Workfront Add-in as described in the video, your IT department may need to do some set up work first. Detailed instructions can be found in Set up Adobe Workfront for Outlook.

Integrate the Microsoft Outlook calendar with the Workfront Home calendar

You can configure the Workfront Home Calendar settings to do the following:

  • Integrate with a web-based version of Outlook in cloud-hosted Office 365 or Outlook Live. You can display all events from your Outlook calendar and any associated calendars you select, such as Birthdays and Holidays calendars, in your Workfront Home Calendar.

  • Help you track your workload against your available work hours on the Allocation bar.