Set up Workfront Goals for your org

This section is for Workfront system administrators responsible for setting up Workfront Goals for their users.

To guarantee your organization moves forward fast, you must be certain that work execution is aligned with company strategy. Goals coordinates strategy, goals, and work to drive execution across the organization and deliver measurable business outcomes.

Goal best practice starts with top-level corporate objectives and then cascades down to group, team, and individual levels. The resulting goals must be aligned with, contribute to, and support achieving corporate priorities. In Workfront, goals are supported by results or activities that indicate how you achieve them.

Workfront Goals checklist

The following conditions must be met before you can access Goals:

  • Your organization must purchase a Workfront Goals license, in addition to the Workfront license.
  • Your organization must be using the new Workfront experience interface. Workfront Goals is not available in the classic Workfront interface.
  • Your Workfront Goals users must be given access to Workfront Goals in their access level.
  • You must assign a layout template that includes the Workfront Goals area in the Main Menu for users to access the functionality.

Who can use Workfront Goals

Although individual contributors often have personal goals, we recommend using Workfront Goals to support your organization’s work in achieving strategic objectives. Everyone in the organization should be encouraged to set goals that are aligned to the overall company strategy and that connect with their daily activities.

Read the role descriptions below and determine what your role is in Workfront Goals.

Executives and managers can use Workfront Goals to:

  • Establish a hierarchy of strategic goals that cascades throughout the enterprise.
  • Provide a unified, clear vision of what success looks like and how it is measured.
  • Gain insight in what strategic adjustments can be made to accelerate the progression of the goals.

Individual contributors can use Workfront Goals to:

  • Align their goals to the overall company strategic initiatives.
  • Measure their progress and achievement as it relates to strategic goals.
  • Adjust personal goals as necessary to stay in alignment with business direction.

A graphic of different roles for Workfront Goals