Manage other user’s time off

Managers or other leaders can manage their team members’ time-off calendars if they have Edit User permissions assigned through their Workfront access level. Access levels are created and assigned by Workfront system administrators.

Workfront recommends that your organization have a policy or procedure for when a manager updates an employee’s personal time off calendar.

user in main menu

To manage another user’s calendar:

  • Click the Main Menu and select Users.

  • Use the search icon to find the user or scroll through the list.

  • Click the user’s name in the list.

  • Click Time Off in the left panel menu on the user’s profile page.

  • Click a date on the calendar.

  • Workfront assumes a full day off. If that’s the case, go ahead and click the Save button.

  • For multiple consecutive days off, change the To date to the last day out of the office. Click the Save button.

  • If marking a partial day off, uncheck the All Day box. Then indicate the hours the user will work that day (the hours they’re available). Click the Save button.