Understand the Board view

In this video you will learn:

  • Where to find the Board view
  • How to use the Board view
Understand the Board View. When looking at tasks in a project, you can view tasks in a ListView or a BoardView. There is also a Board feature in Workfront where you can create your own boards. This is different than the BoardView in the project. The BoardView here is just a different way to view and manage your project’s tasks. The BoardView shows your tasks like cards in a Kanban board. These tasks are the same ones you saw in your task list. You can sort your tasks, group them, move them around within a column or between columns. When you move a task to a different column, it will automatically update the status of the task. And you’ll see it with the updated status when you return to the task list. You can create a new card and it will create a new task in your project. You can edit it here and assign it. We’ll create a task called NewCard and assign it to Anne. You can configure columns and cards here. If you want to go back to the task list view, click here. If you scroll down to the bottom of the task list, you can see where the NewCard task was placed. You can, of course, move it within your task list and sequence it using predecessors if you want.