Understand the graphs section

Graphs and goal health

The Graphs section allows you to view the overall health and progress of your goals. Watch for trends over time and see a comprehensive snapshot of your goals’ progress over a specific time period. The two default charts are the Goal Health chart and the Goal Progress chart. This information is critical to keeping company goals aligned across strategic initiatives.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Read and interpret the Goal Health chart
  • Read and interpret the Goal Progress chart
Now that we’ve been making updates to our goals and completing some, we can come to the Graph section and see two graphs initially when coming into this area. You can view the overall health of your goals and their progress trend in time during a specified period. Similar to other sections of Workfront goals, if you click the filter icon to the right, you can specify what type of information you’d like to see.
Here, there are two windows for the timeframes on the goals that we have. The chart on the left is called the goal health chart. This chart allows you to see the total number of goals for the selected period of time, total percent complete on your active enclosed goals as well as the health indicator for in trouble, at risk, and on target. This gauge gives us a good idea of how we’re doing overall for the year or how we’re doing overall for the quarter.
The second chart in both of the time period windows is the goal progress chart. Because we’ve been putting in dummy data, we don’t see a lot of activity between the beginning of the year and today or the beginning of the quarter and today. But ideally, if you had multiple users and teams and groups in putting their goals and changing the progress, you would see the progress complete in the blue line, moving up and down, trying to get closer to 100% complete by the end of the year or quarter. The goal progress chart displays the average expected and actual percent complete of all active and closed goals in the selected period. The percent complete progress broken down into weekly increments marked by nodes and the overall average percentage of progress for active and closed goals since the previous week.