Assign tasks from the project plan

In this video, you will:

  • Learn how to assign a task using inline edit
  • Learn how to assign multiple tasks to the same person
  • Understand the value of job roles when assigning tasks
  • Understand the value of project templates when assigning tasks
  • Understand the value of assigning tasks to teams
when it comes time to make task assignments, you have several options. An easy one is to use inline edit to just type in a name and then click on a name from the list. Type ahead will give you a list of users to choose from. If you want to assign several tasks to the same person, a great shortcut is the bulk edit feature. Just select multiple tasks and click edit, then go to assignments. Begin typing the name and then pick from the list. Job roles are optional, but they’re a great way to facilitate making assignments. A common practice is to create a project template with each task assigned to the appropriate job role. This project was created using such a template, and now we’re ready to make assignments. when you click on a task assignment to use inline editing, you’re shown a list of users who have the job role needed to complete this task as one of their job roles. Click on the name to make the assignment. If you want the same person to complete all the tasks with their job role, You can use the quick filter feature to filter those tasks. Then select all the tasks and use bulk edit to make the assignments. The job role is not replaced by the name, but is recorded separately. This allows you to use Work friends resource management tools to calculate resource capacity and availability based on job role assignments. We can go to resourcing and view by job role. Another way to make assignments is to assign a team to a task. To use this feature teams would have already been created and be expecting to get task or issue assignments. You assign a task to a team by typing in the team name and then selecting from the list. You can recognize a team by the team icon. When the project is live, the team assignment will appear on the team page in the team request section. Team members can assign a task to themselves. From here by clicking on work on it, or a team lead might make the assignments by clicking on reassign. Back in the project, the assignment now contains both the team name and the team member assigned. It’s recommended that you don’t delete the team name because it can be useful in reporting.