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Last update: 2024-02-21
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Find requests you’ve submitted
  • Update a request

Welcome to Update a Request. In this video you will learn where to find requests that you’ve submitted, and how to make an update on the request. After you’ve submitted a request, you may have additional information to share or questions to ask. You want to do this in Adobe Workfront to keep everything in one spot. Make an update from the request area to make sure that whoever is working on your request has all of the latest information.

Start at the main menu, and select requests. Find your request in the submitted list on the request page. If you don’t see the request, check the filter that is applied to the list. “My open requests” shows the request you submitted that haven’t been marked as complete yet. “My request” displays a list of all requests you’ve submitted, even if they’ve been completed. If you’re looking for a request that you didn’t make, switch the filter to open or all, these lists show you all requests that you have access to. Before making an update, take a quick look at the “status and converted to” columns. If the status is resolved, complete, or something similar, it’s possible the work is already done. The converted to indicates if the request has been converted into a Workfront task or a project. If it has been converted, you may need to make your update in that item instead of the request. In either case, you may want to check with your traffic coordinator or a project manager about where you should make your update.

Once you find the request, click once in the white space to select it, which highlights the row in blue. Then click the open summary icon. The summary panel pops out from the right side of the window. Now, add your update in the start a new update field. Don’t forget to tag other Workfront users using the @ symbol and the person’s name so they get a notification about the comment. When you’re done entering your update, just click the update button. The summary panel provides a quick glance at all the details about the request. Use the icons to jump to a specific section of the summary panel. The update section lets you make an update and see the most recent updates. See documents attached to the request. Click the link to go directly to the documents page so you can upload more files or access the existing ones. You can edit some of the request details fields from the summary panel. Click a field to activate it. Open the request by clicking see all, to view all the detail’s information. The options in this panel can be customized by your system administrator, so what you see might be different.

To access all the information about a request plus make an update and see the full update history, open the request by clicking its name. The top of the page shows the basic information about the request, the percent complete, who it’s assigned to, the planned completion date, and the status. To make a comment or ask a question, click updates in the left panel. Click into the start new update field to enter your comment. Finish by clicking the update button.

Use the left panel to access documents uploaded with the request, or to upload additional files. Click details in the left panel to see the information you filled in when you filed the request. This includes the overview information and the custom form information. Edit the information if you need to make changes, and be sure to click save when you’re done. You may see additional options in the left panel depending on the system configurations of your organization. When you’re done with your updates, navigate back to the request area to make a new request or update another request. Adobe Workfront keeps all of your request information in one place, making it easy to review, update, and collaborate using the latest information.

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