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Last update: 2023-06-27
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Adding users one at a time can be time consuming and overwhelming. Workfront allows a system administrator to add multiple users at the same time using the import feature.

Import People menu option

  1. Select Users from the Main Menu.
  2. Select the arrow on the New Person button and select Import People.
  3. The window that opens walks you through creating a spreadsheet of the users to import.
  4. Download the sample file, which is an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Update the spreadsheet with user information — first name, last name, email address, access level — following the instructions in the file itself.
  6. Select the Choose File button once the user list is saved.
  7. Navigate to the user spreadsheet file and select it.

Import People window

The imported users appear in the Users list. Edit the information on individual or multiple users, if needed.

Users list

Import users: Using kick-starts

Workfront provides a kick-start template to import data into the system. It can also be used for importing users. Before you use the kick-start, Workfront recommends you work with your Workfront consultant, as there are considerations you should be aware of.

See Import Data into Workfront via Kick-Starts for detailed information.

Import Data (Kick-Starts) window in Setup area

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