Settings Settings-1

View your profile information, add/change profile photo, and modify About me content.

Account settings accountsettings

  1. Select the dropdown arrow at the upper-right corner, adjacent to your photo/account and choose Profile Settings.

  2. From the pop-up dialog, you can add/change a photo by hovering the mouse and by selecting Edit in the profile photo area.

  3. Add/modify About me content by clicking the text area below it.

  4. Modify the following settings:

    • Interface Language: You can select ALM interface language from the dropdown menu.
    • Content Language: You can select the default language in which the content will be shown in the player. You can view the available languages in the player.
    • Timezone: Select your timezone
    • Preferences: Clicking on module enrolls and launches the training.
    • Transcript: You can download your learning transcripts.
  5. Click Save.