Frequently Asked Questions for Managers

How can a Manager access courses?
In Manager log in mode, you would not be able to access courses. You need to switch your log in to learner mode in order to take up courses.
How do I provide L3 feedback to my learners?

Administrators can enable/disable L3 feedback provision for appropriate courses based on organizational requirements. If a course requires L3 feedback from the manager, then the Manager receives a notification when the learner completes that type of course.

  1. Click Notifications on the left pane.
  2. Click Pending Tasks tab.
  3. Click the notifications in the page under Provide feedback category and provide L3 feedback.
Do I get notified when my team completes courses?
You can see the notifications icon highlighted with the number of pending messages. When your team member enrolls or completes a course, it appears to you as notification. When you click Show All Notifications in the pop-up menu, you can view all notifications and pending tasks in a page.
Can I assign multiple learners to courses and import learners?

You can only nominate your team members to courses. Only administrators can assign courses in bulk to learners and import a set of learners.

In the left pane of the application, click Notifications.

  1. A detailed list of notifications appear.
  2. In pending tasks tab, choose a course for which you would like to assign your team members and click Nominate.
    Course nomination dialog appears with available number of seats for the course.
  3. Click Nominate in the dialog.
  4. Select the checkbox against each of your team members for nomination and click Done.
    A popup appears at the top of the application as confirmation.
Can I configure notifications to learners? How?

When you assign courses to learners, they get notified through the Learning Manager application.

Administrator of your organization configures the notifications.

Can I see learners' activities for a specific period? How?

Yes. You can view the learners’ status with their courses within a specific period by creating reports based on learners’ course completion status within a given date range.

You can click drop-down icon to modify the date range, save, and view the reports.

Can I see my team members' current skill levels?

You can create reports for your team members to view the list of skills assigned and achieved by each one of them. ClickReports on the left pane and click Sample Reports tab to view a Skills vs Managers sample report.

For more information, refer to Reports feature in the Learning Manager Help.

How do I view pending requests from my team members?

When your team member requests for a course, you can see the notifications icon highlighted with the number of pending messages.

To view pending requests, click this notification icon.

How do I add or modify reports?

You can add new reports by selecting Reports and then clicking Add at the upper right corner of the page.

Modify / Resize reports

To modify a report, click drop-down arrow on the upper right corner of a report and then click Edit. Make the changes in the report and click Save.

To cancel the changes, you can click Reset.

To resize the report, click Resize and choose one of the two options: 1×1 is small, and 1×2 is large.

For more information, refer to Reports feature.

What type of reports can I see?

You can view following types of reports:

  • Competencies assigned and achieved
  • Course enrolled and completed
  • Effectiveness for courses
  • Learning programs enrolled and completed
  • Learning time spent per course
  • Learning time spent per quarter
  • Certification reports

You can view all these reports with a date range.

Can I view all the available courses? How?
You can switch over to learner role to view all the available courses. Refer to Courses feature for more information
How do I get Manager role access?
Administrator of your company will assign manager role to you based on your eligibility and designation in your organization. When you log in, you see the Manager role home page in Adobe Learning Manager.
How do I log in to the Learning Manager first time?

When you are using Learning Manager for the first time, you have three options:

  • Log in with Adobe ID and password. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create one by clicking the log in with Adobe ID link and following the instructions.
  • If you have not yet created account in Adobe Learning Manager, create your account by clicking Create Account on the log in screen.
How do I assign courses to my team members?
Managers can directly nominate team members for a particular course only when an Administrator has sought Manager nomination for that course.