Module is marked incomplete on course completion in Adobe Learning Manager


Even after a learner completes a course in Adobe Learning Manager, the module is marked as incomplete.


SCORM 2004 defines the success and completion criteria and sends the statements for both separately.

For example, let there be a content set with a Completion Criteria of 100% slide views and Success Criteria set as “Quiz is Passed”.

A learner, completes the course, but fails the quiz. In this case, the progress is 100%, but the module is marked as incomplete as the learner fails to meet the Success Criteria.


The issue is related to the reporting Preferences set for the project. The author must verify the criteria set for the completion and success of the course.

If there are any changes required, the author can do so using a content authoring tool, such as Adobe Captivate Classic. The author can then update the module accordingly.

View Captivate Classic Reporting Preferences