Learning Programs

Learn how to view and consume learning programs using the Learner app in Learning Manager.

Learning programs are a set of uniquely designed courses meeting specific learner goals. Administrators create these learning programs for learners. You can view these learning programs as a learner.

Overview overview

Adobe Learning Manager enables learners to access the courses and learning programs. Learners can browse through all the available learning programs by using catalog or enroll themselves to learning programs of their choice. Learners can view all the enrolled courses and the courses assigned to them in Courses.

Learners can also install Learning Manager iPad app from apple store and Learning Manager Android app from Google Play and access courses on mobile devices. All the learners role features are also available in the app. Learners can also take courses offline and get a seamless access after going online.

Learning program learningprogram

Learning programs are a set of uniquely designed courses meeting specific learner goals. You can view the learning programs that are assigned to you, under My Learning.

The Author and Administrator can create learning programs.

Viewing learning programs viewinglearningprograms

You can view a list of all available learning programs as a learner. The Learning Object widget show all the enrolled and assigned learning programs to a learner. From the left pane, click Catalog and filter Learning Programs to view all the available learning programs.

On the My Learning page, you can filter the training that you’re enroled in, according to duration of the training and the format of the training.

You can see course effectiveness percentage of each course from the Catalog page. There can be multiple instances/sessions to a course/learning program. Click the course or the learning program to view the details. You can also see the deadline date for each instance of the course/learning program.

Searching courses and learning programs searchingcoursesandlearningprograms

Adobe Learning Manager makes it easier for you to find the courses of your choice quickly. You can search for your learning programs in the following ways:

  1. Using Search field. Click on the search bar displayed on top of the page. Type the course/learning program name or any keywords associated with your courses to locate your learning programs. You can also search using predefined tags like Captivate, C, Java, HTML, and so on. Tags are searchable inside search field, which means the tags are displayed in search field as you type.
  2. Learner can search for learning objects based on the course completion status: All, yet to start, completed, in progress.
  3. Learner can search from the Catalog page using filters, sort by, competency, and type.

You can search based on competencies by clicking Competencies and choosing them. You can sort the courses by clicking Sort by and choosing one of the options available.

Enrolling for learning programs enrollingforlearningprograms

Learners are enrolled to learning programs in the following possible ways:

  1. The Administrator/ Manager enrolls some learners to mandatory learning programs based on organization needs.
  2. Learners can directly enroll themselves to a course/learning program. If the course/Learning program is of self-enroll type, then the learner gets enrolled immediately.

Learners can enroll themselves to a wide list of learning programs based on their choice. Recommended Learning widget displays all your enrolled/assigned courses, learning programs, job aids or certifications. You can click Explore and enter the Learning Object page to enroll yourself.

You also have an option to go through any of the learning programs listed in the Catalog page by clicking Explore. Enroll page appears. Click Enroll on the upper-right corner of the page, to include the course to courses list.

There can be multiple instances/sessions to a course/learning program. In catalog, click the course/learning program tile name to view the details. You can see enroll into course/learning program instance based on the deadline date for each instance of the course/learning program.

Completing learning programs completinglearningprograms

As a learner, you can complete learning programs based on the settings for the particular learning program. You have to complete all the courses to complete some learning programs, while the completion criteria can be X number of courses out of Y to complete a learning program.

If a 2 out of 4 is the completion criteria that is set by the administrator, then when you complete one course out of the required two, the progress bar shows 50% completion status. On completion of two courses, successful completion of the learning program is displayed.

You can always revisit the learning program to take up the optional courses as well.