Profile Settings

Read this article to know how to set learner profile settings and add a profile photo. Learn how to download the learner transcript for your profile.

Configuring profile settings configuringprofilesettings

  1. At the upper-right corner of the page, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile or photo.

  2. Select Profile Settings.

  3. From the pop-up dialog box that appears, you can perform the following actions:

    • Add/update profile photo: Hover over the photo. Click Upload and add a photo. Click Edit to change the photo.
    • Delete photo: Hover over the profile photo. Click Delete.
    • Add About Me content by clicking the text area below it.
    • Modify About Me content by clicking Edit next to the field.
    • Set the Locale for your profile. From the Locale drop-down select the language of your choice.
    • Set the Current Locale for your profile.
    • Set the Time Zone for your profile.
    • Download the Learners Transcript with your data.

    View learner preferences

    When you click the Download my Learning Transcript XLS link, an excel sheet is downloaded to your system. This excel sheet contains details on the learning objects consumed by you, the completion status of each learning object, the corresponding due dates, skills achieved, and so on. Download this sheet to quickly get some overall data for your learning profile.

  4. If an Administrator has enabled Digest Email and you are not in the DND list, then you can subscribe or unsubscribe to digest emails. Enable th eoption below.

    Subscribe or unsubscribe to digest emails

    Based on the frequency set by the Admin, you, the learner will receive the email on a biweekly or a monthly basis.

Unsubscribe from digest emails unsubscribefromdigestemails

When you receive a mail, you can unsubscribe from the digest email by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

After you click Unsubscribe, you are redirected to your Profile Settings page, where you can disable the option to receive emails.

Anatomy of a digest email anatomyofadigestemail

A digest email consists of the following sections:

Personal Training Summary

This section personalizes a learner's training metrics by mentioning the number of minutes spent on trainings.

Based on the time spent by the learner, the content is customized according to the rules defined below:

If (time_spent) >= 60 minutes, then the following text appears:

"During the past two weeks/1-month, you have taken up (time_spent) minutes of training for upskilling yourself. Listed below are some recommendations to enable you to learn more."

If (time_spent) < 60 mins, then the following text appears:

"During the past two weeks/1-month, you have taken up (time_spent) minutes of training for upskilling yourself. Listed below are a few recommendations that we hope you may find useful to get started and keep going."

Training Activity

This section displays the organization-level summary of training activity for that account.

The training activity summary consists of the following:

  • Number of trainings available in the account.
  • Number of co-learners who have been actively consuming the training activities.
  • Number of learning hours spent by the co-workers.
  • Average time (in minutes) spent by co-workers upskilling in the account.
Recommended courses

This is a personalized section that includes the recommended trainings for learners. In this section, a learner can see three trainings that were picked by the Recommendation engine.

Each training has an Explore button, which when clicked, will redirect to the home page of Learner app.


Displays a bar chart with each bar representing a learner along with gamification points of each learner (only if the Admin has enabled Gamification for all learners).

The leaderboard displays the following:

  • Points earned by a learner.
  • Points needed to reach the next level.

There is also a mini leaderboard that shows the leader, and two learners closest to the learner in that user scope.

If leaderboard is empty, this section is not shown in the email.

Social posts

This section displays the three most recent social posts.

A learner can see the date of creation, board name, title of the post if any, username, and icon of the creator. The post can also contain a video, document, pdf, or any other file.

Each post has links to redirect the learner to the social learning page on the Learner app.

If there are no recent posts, then this section on the email will not be visible to the learner.

Frequently Asked Questions frequentlyaskedquestions

1. How to download a Learner Transcript as learner?

On the upper-right corner, click your user profile > Profile Settings. On the dialog that appears, click Download My Learning Transcript (XLS).

Download Learner Transcript