Learning Manager Content Catalog

Content Catalog is not supported in an Azure instance of Learning Manager.

  • Course means a single consolidation of Work(s) and eLearning modules on a specific topic that is created and supplied to the Customer with Adobe Learning Manager.
  • Content Contributor is the proprietary owner of Courses who has authorized Adobe to exhibit and sublicense such Courses on Adobe Learning Manager.

Learning Manager introduces Content Catalog, a set of ready to use content base that you can purchase. You can buy off the shelf courses such as courses in business skills, workplace compliance, Adobe creative cloud, and technology in our curated content marketplace.

In the left pane, click Content Marketplace, and then click Creative Cloud Training.

To see the catalog details and courses in each of the catalog, click View. The new window shows all the courses.

To see the details of the course, click Visit. Use the checkboxes to select the courses you are interested in.

  • You can share the selected courses with your peers by selecting Share.
  • You can contact Adobe by selecting Contact Adobe.

Your email client opens by default in both instances. If you have selected specific courses using the checkboxes, their URLs are automatically added to the email body.

If your email client does not open by default, you can email your interest to learningmanagercontentcontentadmin@adobe.com.

You have to be logged in to Learning Manager to access the content catalog.