Getting started as a Learner

Get started with the Learner app in Learning Manager

The Learner App in Learning Manager is completely widget based, helping you traverse through the various features in one or two clicks.

In Learning Manager web application, after you log in as a learner, you can see the following widgets in the Home page:

View widgets for learning

My Learning: You can view and click the learning objects by type and by deadline. Click the circle in the My Learning widget to directly go to the learning object type, or to view the learning objects by deadline.

My Skills: You can also view skills map at the upper-right corner of the page. Refer skills map feature for more information.

Learning Object widget: This is right below My Learning, and it displays the learning objects for the user. Below My Learning, you can view all the courses, learning programs and certifications that are enrolled by you or assigned to you. You can directly Start consuming a learning object, or revisit a learning object from this widget.

Learning Calendar: This widget displays the list of upcoming and planned learning in your organization, for every quarter. The enrollment status against is Enrolled, if you have enrolled for a specific course.

Recommended Learning: In this widget, you can view all the courses recommended for your profile by the administrator/manager of your company. You can click these links to navigate to the course pages.

My Achievements: You get badges after completing courses. These badges are displayed adjacent to your profile at the top of the page. Click Badges to get specific information. For more information on badges, refer to badges feature.

This widget also displays the Gamification points for the learner. Click the Gamification link to see the detailed points, and other features in Gamification. For more information on gamification points and leader board, refer to Gamification feature.

If you are accessing Learning Manager using an iPad or Android tablet, refer to the iPad and Android Tabs app topic section in this page.

Learning Timeline learningtimeline

Learning timeline shows the learners schedule with the courses they need to complete. In this section, you can see the alerts for all of your courses, certifications, and learning programs in ascending order of the deadlines. The deadlines for each of your learning activities are displayed at the left pane.

Click each learning object on the left tile to view the corresponding information as course card at the right pane. You can click the course/learning program/certification tile to view the complete information of each learning object.

Hover the mouse on the timeline area to view the scroll bar at the right-side. Use the scroll bar to move up or down and view more alerts.

iPad and Android app users ipadandandroidappusers

In Learning Manager app on iPad or Android tablet, after you log in as a learner, you can see the information in Home tab as follows:

Home tab on the app

To navigate to learning and catalog features, tap the Menu drop-down and choose appropriate option.

Items on the Menu drop-down

Access the app off-line

You can access the Learning Manager app off-line in iPad and Android tablets. Download and take courses in off-line mode, and synchronize the content back with online app when you connect to the network.

  1. Tap Menu drop-down at the top and tap Learning option. A list of all the available courses is displayed in tiles.
  2. Tap the download icon at the bottom of each learning object tile, to download the learning content.

Download the courses

  1. When you are online, a prompt appears in a bar at the top of the app to check if you want to synchronize your content online. Tap the red-colored bar if your answer is yes. A green colored bar indicates your content is in sync with the online app.