Unable to achieve a skill after completing a course


A learner, even after completing a course, does not obtain a skill. The skills that are assigned to that course remain as In Progress for the learner.


This issue occurs if the Credits Required to achieve this skill is greater than the Credits Earned by the learner after completing the course.


Check the current Skill Credits and Point required information to achieve the skill. Follow the steps below:

  1. For the learner, generate a Learner Transcript report.

  2. While generating the Learner Transcript, click Advanced Options, and check the option Include Skills data and summary sheets.

    Select the option Include Skills data and summary sheets

  3. Open the downloaded Learner Transcript report.

  4. Navigate to the Skills transcript sheet. Here, you can view the Credits Required and Credits Earned by the Learner.

    For example, in the example below, the credits required to achieve the skill for a course is 50. But, the learner has achieved only one credit.

    View required credits

  5. To check credits assigned to a particular skill, log in as an Admin, and navigate to Skills tab, as shown below:

    Launch Skills tab

  6. To check the number of credits assigned to a course, log in as an author, and open the course. Click Settings > Course Skills as shown below:

    View Course Skills