Unable to view file submissions in Adobe Learning Manager


An instructor is unable to view the file submissions that a learner has uploaded.


Instructors are unable to view files that learners have uploaded in the Submission Activity Module.

For example, a learner had enrolled for an instance named Test instance of a course, as shown below:

View instance

The learner then opens the course and uploads a file in the Activity module.

When the instructor tries to approve the submission, the instructor is unable to do so.

Upload a file in the Activity module


If there is no instructor in the course instance in which the learner is enrolled, the issue appears.


To check if an instructor is added to the course instance, perform the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the course settings.

  2. In the Manage section, click Instances.

  3. In the instance where the learner is enrolled, click Sessions.

    Select Sessions in the instance

    There is no instructor assigned to this session.

  4. Click Edit. Add the instructor who approves the file submission.

    Add the instructor

  5. Save the changes.