Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

Read on to know the frequently asked questions for instructors in Learning Manager.

How can I access the Instructor app?

If an author has granted you Instructor privileges, you will receive an email along with a link to log in to the Instructor app.

If you are already signed into the Learning Manager app in another role, you can click Profile Settings and select Instructor. The screen immediately refreshes to display the Instructor app.

What are the capabilities of an instructor in Learning Manager?

Instructors of modules or sessions can manage the date, time, and venue of the session. Instructors can also manage the seat limit for modules, managing the waitlist limit as well. They can clear waitlist and confirm the attendee list for a session.Instructors can also approve submissions from learners and set reminders for courses that houses the sessions of the instructor.

Once the session is over instructors can also mark the attendance for the session, and approve the assignments and other resource files related to the session. For detailed information on the capabilities of Instructor, see Feature Summary.

What are the course types for which an author can assign an instructor?
An author can assign an Instructor only for Class Room modules.
Can one module have more than one Instructor assigned to it?
Yes, an author can assign several Instructors for a single module. In this case, each of the instructor can manage the session. If multiple instructors edit the same session details at a time, the last saved details are saved.
Can an instructor modify any session?
As an instructor, you can only view and edit the details of those sessions that you have been assigned to. You cannot modify the session or attendee list of any other sessions.