Unable to view certain courses under catalog while creating a Certification


While searching for a particular course to add it to a Certification, you are unable to view the course under the catalog.

Types of enrollment

There are three enrollment type in Learning Manager:

  • Self-enrolled
  • Manager nominated
  • Manager approved

Self enrolled

Learners can directly enroll themselves to these types of courses.

Manager approved

These courses must be approved by Managers. Learners can sign-up for these courses, but they are not enrolled directly to these type of courses without Manager’s approval. A notification request is sent to Managers when learners sign-up for these types of courses. Upon Manager’s approval, these courses will be listed as enrolled for learners.

Manager nominated

These courses can only be nominated by managers. A Learner cannot enroll to these types of courses.

What’s next

In a Certification, you can only add self-enrolled courses and not Manager nominated or Manager approved courses.

  • Perpetual Certifications: You can add a CR or VC session courses in a certification.
  • Recurring Certifications: You cannot add a CR or VC session courses in a certification.

This is a default behavior in Learning Manager.