Map skill with skill domains

To auto curate a post that is posted by a user by the AI-enabled Curation Engine for a particular skill domain, the user’s enterprise must have their customized skills to be mapped to the supported skill domains present in the Learning Manager LMS.

While creating a skill, an Administrator can map it with the most relevant skill domains that Learning Manager supports. This will further be considered in Auto Curation process. Learning Manager LMS lists the following skills:

  • Supply chain management
  • Accounting
  • Scientific research and engineering
  • Computer security
  • Strategic management
  • Social media
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Workplace safety
  • Soft skills
  • Business law
  • Management
  • Human resource management
  • Technical communication
  • Business ethics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Information technology
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Quality management
  • Business process
  • Learning
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Sales
According to the algorithm, if the confidence score is less than 50%, the content is marked for manual curation.

To add a skill domain, follow the steps below:

  1. On the left pane of the Administrator app, click Skills.

  2. To add a skill, click Add on the top right of the page.

  3. In the Add Skill dialog, add a skill and a description of the skill.

  4. In the Skill Domain section, add the skill domains. As you enter a domain, the domains get added. These domains are populated from the list mentioned above.

    Add the skill domains in the Skill Domain section

  5. To save the changes, click Save.

When a user posts a content in a board, the content gets curated and is approved or rejected, depending on the confidence score against the mapped skill to the board.

Depending on whether the content being uploaded has a confidence score of more than 50%, the content gets uploaded in the board. If your content meets the criteria, then you get to see a notification that says that the content has been successfully curated and is now available in the board.

View notifications depending on the confidence score