Issues with retiring a Learning Program


A Learning Program automatically gets retired.


There are situations where a Learning Program has retired without an Administrator/Author retiring the LP explicitly.

This issue occurs because a Learning Program is a collection of courses. The higher order trainings retire, if any of the courses within it contains a retired instance or the course instance retires.


To check the course that contains a retired instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in as an administrator and launch the relevant Learning Program.

  2. Click Instances > Courses. The page lists all the courses that are a part of this Learning Program. You will be able to see the course that contains a retired instance.

    View list of all courses

  3. Once you have figured out the course instance that has retired, click Courses > Open the course.

  4. Click Instances. On the retired instance, click Edit and then edit the completion date to a future date to which you want the instance to retire.

    Edit the completion date of a course

  5. Once completed, click the drop-down as shown in the image below. Then click Reopen Instance.

    Repoen the instance of a course

  6. Visit the relevant Learning Program. Click Instances and execute the previous step to reopen the instance of the Learning Program.