API deprecations and changes in Adobe Learning Manager

API deprecations in the March 2024 release of Adobe Learning Manager

Changes to offset limits

Due to a high number of records being retrieved by the offset value and slowing down overall performance, we’re enforcing a limit of 500 records. In the next release, for both Admin and Learner, the GET Users API will return a maximum of 500 records.

If you need more records to be fetched, use the GET Jobs API.

What paths are deprecated

The following paths are deprecated:

  • /learningObjects

    • Deprecated paths:

      • enrollment.loInstance.loResources.resources
      • instances.loResources.resources
    • New paths:

      • enrollment.loInstance.loResources
      • instances.loResources
  • /learningObjects/

    • Deprecated path:
      • enrollment.instances.subLoInstances.learningObject
    • New path:
      • enrollment.instances.subLoInstances
  • /enrollments

    • Deprecated path:
      • loInstance.learningObject.enrollment
    • New path:
      • loInstance.learningObject
  • /learningObjects/

    • Deprecated path:
      • instance.subLoInstances.learningObject.enrollment.loResourceGrades
    • New path:
      • instance.subLoInstances

Sort by name

In the next release of Adobe Learning Manager, name and –name are deprecated in the sort field of the following APIs:

  • GET /userGroups/{userGroupId}/users
  • GET /users
For all existing and new accounts, sort by name and –name will be deprecated.

API deprecations in the November 2023 release of Adobe Learning Manager

Override flag

In the November 2023 release of Adobe Learning Manager, we have discontinued the override flag from the APIs. The override flag is not a part of the public API specification and is intended for backend testing. The flag is now discontinued for Learner APIs. However, the flag is still valid for Admin APIs.

The reason we’re deprecating the flag for the Learner APIs is because the override flag was fetching a large amount of data via the Learner APIs.

Going forward, the following Learner API will stop working because it has the override flag.


API Changes for Skill based new recommendations

Adobe Learning Manager improves the recommendations for Customer and Partner-enabled accounts. This improvement in the recommendation algorithm with the change in the ranking algorithm for course, learning path, and certification provides a better user experience in content discovery.

The algorithm will no longer allow peer-based recommendations. The change will not affect the existing users, but the Industry Aligned option will continue to exist. For the Custom option, Adobe Learning Manager will no longer allow custom peer-based selection.

The peer group now becomes an account, and learners will see a string that shows the trending topics in the group. All recommendations are explainable. For example, if you are viewing something on a subject, the card on the strip will display the reason for the course.

Changes In Notifications Announcement Report

In earlier releases of Adobe Learning Manager, the Notification Announcement report didn’t have any filters. Adobe Learning Manager downloaded all notifications in the account.

In the November 2023 release, we’ve added a date filter, using which you can download the notifications within a specified period. You can, however, download the report for the last six months only.

Deprecation of high offset values in GET /users endpoint

To improve system performance and manage resource utilization more effectively, Adobe has deprecated high offset values in the GET /users endpoint for both ADMIN and LEARNER scopes. We recommend using the Jobs API to retrieve the records with an offset value.