Learning Manager App for Salesforce

Overview overview

Salesforceâ„¢ is one of the most popular CRM solutions among sales and marketing teams. Using Adobe Learning Manager app in Salesforce you can allow its users to access all of their learning content right from their Salesforce interface. Users can access their assigned learning content such as courses, learning programs, job aids, and so on from within the Salesforce. Users can also receive notifications about their enrollments and announcements from the Administrator.

At the moment, Salesforce app is not available as the approval is pending from Salesforce App Exchange. If you are interested to take a preview of beta version of the app, contact your Account Manager or Learning Manager support team.

Installation and setup installationandsetup

Learn to install and set up the Learning Manager app for Salesforce by following the steps below.

Pre-requisites prerequisites

  1. Integration Administrator of your organization has to approve the salesforce app. This app can be found in the featured applications section of Learning Manager application for Integration Admin role.
  2. Access to the Salesforce account of your organization, where the app needs to be installed. Typically, the Salesforce Administrator in your organization is the person who installs such apps. If you are a Learning Manager integration administrator and do not have Salesforce account, contact Salesforce Administrator of your organization.

Installation steps installationsteps

  1. Request your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to enable your account for usage of this app by providing your Learning Manager account id. Also, request the CSM for the installable package of the Learning Manager Learner app for Salesforce.

  2. Log in to your Learning Manager account as the Integration Administrator and make sure that the Salesforce app is enabled for your account.

  3. To install the Learning Manager app in your Salesforce account, use the installable package provided by your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. You need to have admin privileges for Salesforce account where you intend to install this app.

  4. Choose the appropriate option for you as shown in the snapshot and click Install.

    Select the option Install for Admins Only

    If you opt for Install for Specific Profiles, choose one or more profiles from the list.

  5. Click Continue on the pop-up that appears to confirm the third-party access.

    A message appears confirming that the app has been installed successfully. Click Done.

Add notification component to the Home page addnotificationcomponenttothehomepage

Learning Manager team recommends that the Salesforce Administrator also add the Learning Manager notifications component to the home page layout. This component enables Salesforce users to get notifications about assignments and other announcements from Learning Manager, even when they are not within the context of the Learner App.

To add the Learning Manager notification component to the Home page layout, follow the steps:

  1. Click Setup on the upper-right corner. Home page layouts option appears on the left pane as shown in the below snapshot.

    Select Home Page Layouts

  2. Choose the layout of your choice and click Edit.

  3. Select the Adobe Learning Manager notifications option that appears on the page and Click Next.

  4. Choose the order of the components that appear on the left pane, preview, and click Save.

To learn the instructions on how to log in to Learning Manager app and use it in Salesforce as a learner, refer to the Salesforce app Help content.