Job Aids

Job Aids for Administrators in Learning Manager.

Job Aids is a repository of training content that is accessible to learners without any enrollment or completion criteria. Learners can refer to these job aids to get assistance for performing any activity or task in an organization.

Job Aids can be consumed independently or along with course consumption in Learning Manager.

Administrators of an organization can manage job aids assignment to learners and also withdraw or re-publish job aids.

Withdraw/re-publish job aids withdrawrepublishjobaids

Under Administrator login, click Job Aids in the left pane to access job aids.

You can withdraw a published job aid by clicking settings icon adjacent to the job aid and selecting Withdraw.

Manage Job Aids

View withdrawn job aids by clicking the Withdrawn tab. You can re-publish the withdrawn jobs by clicking settings icon and choosing Publish. Click Preview in settings to preview the job aid in the player.

Manage job aid assignments managejobaidassignments

  1. In Published tab, click the settings icon adjacent to a job aid.

  2. Click Manage Assignment.

    The Enroll Learners pop-up dialog appears.

    View the Enroll Learners dialog

  3. In the Learners field, start typing the name of learners and choose the learners from the drop-down list. You can also find learners by name, profile and so on.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions frequentlyaskedquestions

How to export Job Aid reports?
On the upper right corner of the screen, click Actions > Export Report.
How to manage Job Aid assignments?
In Published tab, click the settings icon near a job aid. Add a learner and click Add.
How to withdraw a Job Aid?
In Published tab, click the settings icon near a job aid. Click Withdraw. The Job Aid now no longer appears in the Published tab. To view the withdrawn Job Aid, click the Withdrawn tab.