An announcement is a multimedia message (text, image or video) that an Administrator broadcasts to a defined set of users.

Administrator can broadcast announcements to learners informing them about the occurrence of an event or an activity. When an announcement is broadcast to a particular group or learning object users, all the learners associated with the target group receive notifications.

Announcements notification announcementsnotification

A notification broadcast message appears on the learner’s dashboard as a highlighted title bar. If the learner is not online at the time of announcement, the notification appears whenever a learner logs into the Learning Manager application. Learners can also view old announcements from notifications.

Notification of pending announcement

When you click View, you can see a list of announcements. A sample announcements list is as follows:

View all announcements

A sample announcement asampleannouncement

A sample announcement is shown below for your reference.

View details of an announcement