Catalog labels

Catalog labels allow you to tag learning objects with specific fields and apply one or multiple values. If enabled, Administrators and Authors can set Catalog Labels and values and link them to learning objects.

Use this feature to easily categorize data. For example, if you want to categorize Learning Objects based on their location, department, or skills. You could apply these fields and filter data.

To enable catalog labels, follow these steps:

  • As an Administrator, open Settings > General > Show catalog label.
  • Use the check box to enable the label.

Add catalog labels addcataloglabels

To add Catalog labels, follow this step:

  1. Open Settings > Catalog Labels under the Advanced option. The Catalog Labels page opens.

  2. Click Add Catalog Label or Add on the upper-right corner. The Add Catalog Label dialogue box appears.

  3. Add Catalog Label and their values in the fields. One custom field can have multiple values. Authors can select from these values during the Course creation process.

  4. Click Save.

  5. When you save the label, it appears on the Catalog Labels page. You can choose if you want to make it a mandatory value or not.

Apply labels to catalogs applylabelstocatalogs

Once you have created catalog labels, you can apply them to specific catalogs by following these steps:

  1. Open Catalogs from the left pane. The Catalog page opens showing the list of Catalogs.
  2. Select the Catalog and apply to the label.
  3. Open Catalog labels from the left pane.
  4. Click Edit on the upper-right corner. The page shows the list of available Catalog Labels.
  5. To add a label to the Catalog, click Add to Catalog.
  6. To remove existing labels added to a Catalog, click Remove.

When the custom field is added to the catalog, it applies to all Learning Objects that are a part of the catalog.