Troubleshooting the Visual Experience Composer and Enhanced Experience Composer

Display problems sometimes occur in the Adobe Target Visual Experience Composer (VEC) and the Enhanced Experience Composer (EEC) under certain conditions.

The VEC is one of the main features of Adobe Target. The VEC is an editor that enables marketers and designers to create and change content using a visual interface. Many design choices can be made without requiring direct editing of the code. Editing HTML and JavaScript is also possible using the editing options available in the composer.

The EEC is an extension of the VEC that helps you edit an experience for an iframe-busting site or pages that do not yet include the Target implementation. If you have trouble opening your page in the VEC, try the EEC.

For information about the VEC and the EEC, see Experiences.

Note that some issues affect both the VEC and the EEC, and some issues affect only one of the two composers. Please review the appropriate page to find more information.