Classifications - A4T FAQ

This topic contains answers to questions that are frequently asked about classifications and using Analytics as the reporting source for Target (A4T).

After using the Classifications Importer to download classifications, how do I match the post-tnt-action value with an activity name? section_6045DAC488B248418F430E663C38D001


You can download the classifications for the A4T/TNT string from the Admin Tools Classification Importer. The variable is called “TNT” in the export list. The downloaded data includes the friendly names for activities, experiences, and so forth.

This lookup file is useful for customers that receive Adobe’s clickstream data feed. The file provides friendly names for the post_tnt and post_tnt_action columns.

For standard A/B Test and Experience Targeting (XT) activities, the format of the TNT string is:

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For Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target activities, the format of the TNT string is:

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  • targettype = targettype and algorithmId are internal identifiers used by Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target activities.
  • Event = 0 represents an experience entrance.
  • Event = 1 represents an experience visit.
  • Event = 2 represents an activity impression.
  • Event = 3-32766 represents analytics success metric id.
  • Event = 32767 represents an activity conversion.
  • Event -1 or 65535 represents that the user is removed from the activity or experience. This situation often happens when the visitor converts. The visitor is released from the experience and is now available to qualify for any other experience.

You can import the classification file on a frequent basis from the UI using a browser import or an FTP import. You can also engage with Engineering Services to obtain the file as a lookup table along with a clickstream data feed.