Initial provisioning - A4T FAQ

This topic contains answers to questions that are frequently asked about provisioning Adobe Analytics as the reporting source for Adobe Target (A4T).

How can I set up a multi-page A4T activity?


To implement a basic multi-page A4T use-case:

  • Implement the JavaScript libraries for both Target and Analytics on the activity landing URL/page. Implementing both solutions stitches the Target data with the Analytics data for each visitor. This data remains in Analytics until it expires with the default expiration set to 90 days.

  • For the remaining pages on the site, where just the Analytics metrics are to be tracked, implement Analytics on those pages. It is not necessary to implement Target on those pages. The Analytics metrics captured across those pages are automatically stitched to the Target activity the user initially qualified for, based on the Target information attached to that visitor from the preceding bullet.

How can I tell whether A4T is enabled on my Target account? section_4437D284448F4313BF953D4B6EDBACA6


Before a report suite can be selected when defining an Analytics activity, you need both an Analytics user account and a Target user account. Your user accounts must be configured as described in the documentation. See User Permission Requirements.

After you are a member of one or more Experience Cloud groups that have access to Analytics and Target and you have access to all report suites, you should see the option to create an A/B test using Analytics under Create Activity.

If provisioning issues occur, check whether A4T is provisioned correctly.

Why are my report suites not loading? section_6CC8B2B3568A46C499895EB9811FDC2E


Check the following if any of these problems occur:

  • Make sure that your Analytics and Target accounts are linked in the Experience Cloud.
  • Some customers use multiple Analytics company logins in the same Experience Cloud company. If you use multiple logins, make sure that the last Analytics company you logged in to is the one that is tied to the Target account for the integration.
  • If you have been logged in to the Experience Cloud for several hours, sometimes the Analytics session can expire. Log out and log back in to try again.

Why don’t I see Analytics options in Target? section_EDD996AFB08B4DB196DD934BE55BF48D

See “Why are my report suites not loading?” Above. The root cause of this problem is the same.

Why don’t I see A4T reports in Analytics? section_FEB41E7B7E4F4F78897E4D9F021DEA59

See “Why are my report suites not loading?” above. The root cause of this problem is the same.

Why are my reports in Target empty? section_3837104757464CB488C5A83014A669A1

See “Why are my report suites not loading?” above. The root cause of this problem is the same.