User permission requirements

Information about the user account requirements to create an Adobe Analytics-based activity in Adobe Target (A4T).

Before a report suite can be selected when defining an Analytics activity, you need both an Analytics user account and a Target user account.

Your user accounts must be configured as described in the following sections:

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Complete the following tasks in the Adobe Experience Cloud Admin Console:

Your Analytics and Target user accounts must be linked to your Adobe ID.

For more information, see Organizations and account linking.

Configure Experience Cloud group membership

You must be a member of one or more Experience Cloud groups that have access to Analytics and Target.

For more information, see Manage Experience Cloud users and products.

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To use A4T on a given report suite, you must have access to that report suite and grant access to the Web Services Access group.

  1. In Admin Console, click an Analytics product profile, then click the Permissions tab.

    You can then see which report suites the profile has access to.

  2. Ensure that the report suite you want to have access to in Target is one of the ones listed in the product profile you are a part of.

    The following illustration is an example of a product profile that has access to all report suites:

    Admin Console Permission tab

  3. Configure access to the Web Services Access group.

    Access to the Web Services Access group in Analytics is required to be able to use Analytics as the reporting source for Target.

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No additional privileges are required.