Multipage activity

A multipage activity in Adobe Target lets you create a story over multiple pages, with a design that is specific to each page.

For example, you might want to test an offer for free shipping with purchases above a certain amount. You might want that offer to appear on your landing page, a category page, and certain product pages, but you want it to be a different size and in a different location on each page type. You could display a prominent offer on your home page, then reinforce that offer with smaller offers on other relevant pages.

You can also use a multipage activity to define different layouts for your desktop and non-responsive mobile sites. If the site has a separate mobile site like instead of, you should instead create a multipage activity, add as separate pages, and then apply mobile editing to make appropriate changes on the desktop version and mobile version in the same experience. For responsive mobile sites, use mobile experience editing.

Multipage activities are designed for activities where the same offer has a different appearance on multiple pages. If the offer appears the same on all pages, a template test is more efficient.

You can specify template rules for each page in the multipage test. For example, you can run a multipage test across the home page and all category pages by applying template rules to the category page in the multipage test. See Include the Same Experience on Similar Pages.

To add pages to a test:

  1. Click the Configure gear icon.

  2. Click Add Additional Pages.

    A navigation bar appears on the left of the screen.

    multipage_nav image

  3. Use that navigational bar to specify your pages and to set the default page.

    Click Add Page to add an additional page.

    Click the three vertical ellipses icon to display an action menu:

    multipage_menu image

    Use this menu to rename the pages, perform a redirect test from within the multipage activity or delete the page.

  4. Use the Visual Experience Composer to design the way the offer looks on each page.