View multiple metrics in a report

You can select multiple metrics to view in an Adobe Target report.

Be aware of the following information as you work with multiple metrics in reports:

  • The ability to view multiple metrics is available for A/B Test, Auto-Allocate, Auto-Target, and Experience Targeting (XT) activities only.
  • You cannot add more than 20 metrics to a report for an activity that uses Analytics for Target (A4T). You can add as many metrics as you have in your activity to reports for activities that do not use A4T.
  • You cannot use the Download option to download reports to CSV if you have selected multiple metrics. You must select a single metric only to enable the Download option.
  • You cannot view multiple metrics for activities created before the July 2015 Target release (July 30, 2015).

To select multiple metrics to display in the report:

  1. To display a report, click Activities, click the desired activity from the list, then click the Reports tab.

  2. Click the Report Metric drop-down list to display the Shown Metrics and Hidden Metrics lists.

    multiple_metrics image

    You can use the Search box to quickly find available metrics to add to the Shown Metrics list.

    Note that you can select multiple metrics from both the Table View and Graph View modes of the report.

  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the desired metrics in the Hidden Metrics list, then click Select to move them to the Shown Metrics list.


    Drag and drop the desired metrics from the Hidden Metrics list to the Shown Metrics list.

    There must be at least one metric in the Shown Metrics list.

    You can rearrange the metrics by dragging and dropping them into the desired order in the Shown Metrics list. The selected order will be reflected in the Table View and Graph View. To remove a metric from the Shown Metrics list, hover your mouse pointer over the metric, then click the X icon.

  4. Click Save when finished.

  5. (Conditional) While viewing the report in the Table View, hover your mouse pointer on any metric’s column header to display a blue arrow. Click the arrow to expand the table to display the Lift and Confidence for that metric.

    multiple_metrics_table image

    You can expand only one metric/column at a time. Click the arrow again to collapse the columns.

  6. (Conditional) While viewing the report in the Graph View, you can select individual metrics to display from the drop-down list:

    multiple_metrics_graph image